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About Play

What is Play?: Toward a universal definition
Play and Culture Studies, Vol 8, forthcoming Spring '08.

Integral Play: An Exploration of the Playground and the
Evolution of the Player

AQAL Journal, the Journal of the
Integral Institute, forthcoming Fall '07.

Born to Play
Offerings Magazine, Forthcoming Fall '07.

Are We Having Fun Yet? An integral
exploration of the transformative
power of play

Journal for Humanistic Psychology, Vol.47, No. 2, April ’07.

Free Fall: Living Life as Play
Tricycle Magazine, Summer ’04.

The Evolutionary Power of Play: Gwen Gordon and
Brian Swimme in Dialogue

Earthlight Magazine, Spring ’03 Issue 48 Vol. 13 No. 3

Play: The Movement of Love
Earthlight Magazine, Spring ’03 Issue 48 Vol. 13 No. 3
Earthlight: Spiritual wisdom for an Ecological Age,
edited by Cindy Spring and Anthony Manousos

Cosmology & Consciousness

A Feeling for the Whole
What Does God Look Like in an Expanding Universe?
Edited by Jim Schenk, ImagoEarthPublishing, ‘06.

Technology & the Muse: The Erotic Life of Electricity
and Water

ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation
Spring 2002, Volume 24, Number 4

Miscellaneous Freelance

What the Bleep Do We Know?! Study Guide
Institute of Noetic Sciences & Captured Light Productions

Saving Jenny
Living Legacies: How to Write, Illustrate,
and Share Your Life Stories

by Duane Elgin & Coleen LeDrew, Conari Press, ‘00.

Every Kid Counts, 31 Ways to Save the Children,
illustration. Harper San Francisco, ’99.

52 Fun Things to do on the Beach (1997),
52 Guilty Pleasures (1999),
52 Ways to Pamper Yourself(2001),
52 Ways to Lead a Balanced Life (2002),
52 Ways to Celebrate Life (2003).
52 Ways to Make a Difference (revised 2007),
52 Tokens of Affection (revised 2007),
52 Things to Try Once in Your LIfe (revised 2007).
Writer, Chronicle Books.


Mia’s Magic Window
A cautionary tale about the creative life
illustrated, ‘96

How to Fill the Hole that Murphy Left
A humorous pet bereavement handbook
illustrated, ’92

Ciao Bella!
A chance encounter between a muse and
a retired ethics professor, ‘99

The Onderful W
A dharma fairytale about finding the wholeness
in holes. '07

Personal Essays

The Pearl
An exploration of the ecology of
shame, ’00

Fail Brilliantly
What it takes to surrender, ‘06

Amazing Grace
An alternative to redemption, ’06

Laughing for No Reason
Getting a second wind, ‘06

Free Fall
On letting go into the playground,
extended version, ’05

Born to Play
On being born on September 11, ‘
extended version, ’05

How Time Flies
On leadership, timing, and play, 07
It All Begins with Your Body
Animated introduction to yoga
3 minutes, ‘94.

The Big Picture Puzzle
Documentary about a global community
arts program
24.minutes, ‘96

Introducing the Gumpers
Short promotional piece with PSAs
7 minutes, ‘89

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